General Questions

1. What is Fluid iSMS?

Fluid iSMS is a cloud based SMS service needing only internet connection. Subscriber is able to send SMS by web or by http api.

It can also be used in conjunction with our Fluid SMS Gateway which relies on GSM Modem.

2. In what cities and/or countries does Fluid iSMS support?

Fluid iSMS supports 200 countries and 800 carriers.

3. What do usually internet based SMS used for?

Internet based SMS is especially usefully for:
mobile marketing campaign
bulk sms
application triggering
mobile survey

Technical Questions

1. How do I send SMS?

SMS can be sent by the following methods:

Send SMSes through the webportal.
Send SMSes via http api

2. How do I send a SMS via http api?

To send a SMS via http api:

A message is sent by performing an HTTP POST or GET request to the base URL with the required parameters and the text parameter.

a. Base URL is https://sms.asprit.com/sendmsg.aspx
b. Paramters include:
i user - userid assign to you when setting up account.
ii password - password assign to you when setting up account
iii to - mobile number you calling
iv from - your identity (any alphanumeric)
v text - SMS text

3. How do I send a SMS from the web?

To send a SMS from the web:

a. Login to your account.
b. Click Web Send under menu Message
c. Enter the SMS Number of the recipient. Separate multiple entries with ";"
d. You can also choose the recipients if you have entered them into the contact list.
e. You can either enter text in the content
f. Click send.

4. What is the mobile number format?

Mobile number in international format. Ex: to=447525856424 or to=00447525856424

Billing and Accounts

1. How do I start using Fluid iSMS?

After you sign up with us, you would need to send us the payment with conditions at the package page. Then we will setup an account for you based on your designed currency.

Once the credit reached RM10, we will auto bill you to increase back to the designated credit amount.

2. What happend if my credit is used up?

You are unable to send SMS anymore. A email notification will be sent to you.

3. What do I need to have a Fluid iSMS account?

You need to have a valid email address. That it. We will give you a user id and password.