About Fluid iMessage – Cloud SMS provider

Cloud SMS Provider

Fluid iMessage is an online internet Cloud Short Messaging Service . It allows the sending of messages directly via the internet. There is absolutely no necessity to host any hardware infrastructure in your environment. Elegance and simple.


HTTP API can be utilized to perform sending of SMS in your application. Developer can build intelligent SMS logic in their web applications with simple HTTP call. Please refer our FAQ for instructions.

Web Portal

Fluid iMessage also provides you a web portal interface to make sending a breeze with contacts list. You can logon to the web site any where in the world to send message to your recipients.

Global Appeal

Fluid iMessage allows SMS to send globally. We support sending of message to multiple countries.

Gateway Option

If you wish to have more control or tracking within your environment before sending, you can install a local gateway in your network. The  gateway is also a SMTP server to convert Email to SMS.